You will see the entrance to our clinic from Pilot Knob Road. There is a good sized parking lot out front with a pet potty area to your right as you look at the clinic entrance.


As you enter the clinic you will be greeted by our receptionists to your left and can enjoy a large lobby space while checking in or out. Do not be surprise on the occasional greeting by Toby the clinic cat.

Exam Rooms

From the lobby you and your furry friend will be taken to an exam room. Two of the exam rooms are equipped with an radiology viewing station. The felines seem to prefer exam room 1 with the large window.


Should your pet need to spend some time with us at the clinic we have some kennels in the main treatment area for critical care patients as well as a feline kennel room and a dog room. We do our best to make their stay as comfortable as possible!


We also have a radiology room where radiographs are taken and then reviewed by the veterinarian. This display was set up during one of the clinic open house events.


We offer many in-house laboratory services including a complete blood count, serum comprehensive profile, total thyroid panel, and many others. We also utilize a referral laboratory for some tests.